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Why Realtors Should Work with Specific Movers

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As in any industry, everyone involved in the moving process can benefit from well-developed business relationships. One particularly important team in the moving process is the mover and the Realtor. When those two parties can work together effectively, everyone benefits from a more cost-effective, value-driven, and successful move.

Important Reasons Why Realtors Should Work With Specific Movers


Referral System


Many Realtors rely every day on referrals from satisfied customers, and one way Realtors can drum up referrals is by helping customers through the often-complicated moving process. Many people who are moving or looking to move have laundry lists of questions, and if Realtors make an effort to be knowledgeable about facets of the moving industry, they can provide valuable information to those clients. This includes knowing the best local movers to recommend.

Just as making positive referrals can help a Realtor, making poor referrals can also reflect negatively back on that Realtor. It is best, therefore, for Relators to know their local moving landscapes. Who are the best movers for price? Value? Experience?


Trusted Partners - Realtors and Moving Companies


What’s the benefit, though, of Realtors working with specific movers? By choosing to partner with movers who are trustworthy, established, and reputable, Realtors can be more assured that those movers are going to reflect well back on them. Referring companies who do good work leads to happy customers, and happy customers leads directly to more and more referrals and business growth.


Selling Tool


The working relationship between a Realtor and a moving company is beneficial for all involved, and that’s precisely why it’s a great selling tool. Realtors can present their clients with a network of support. It’s not just a Realtor finding the right house. It’s the Realtor using an established, tested, and proved collaboration of people to help those clients with every aspect of the move.

If Realtors can find the right people to be in that trusted network, it’s a way to take care of clients from every angle. That’s very appealing to people who are in a situation that requires a lot of logistical navigation. In this way, the team of a Realtor and a mover is a selling tool, but it’s one that provides concrete value.


Realtors Developing Relationships With Movers


Working with a new company is always a risk, and this is equally true for customers as is it for business partners. If Realtors recommend a moving company they’ve never interacted with before, it’s possible that company is not reputable. By finding the best local service providers and working with those same moving companies over time, positive relationships can develop.

That means if something does go wrong in the moving process, everyone involved is more likely to make it right in order to preserve that positive working relationship. When a relationship has been developed, the Realtor trusts the moving company and knows it has a track record of success. The Realtor can then assure clients with confidence that the team will work to resolve any problems.

It’s also a built-in safeguard for the Realtors and movers themselves. If a client ever makes a fraudulent or erroneous claim, the Realtor and mover will know each other well enough to get in contact and sort out the facts of any given case.

If your a Realtor that has moving questions, or looking to build business relationships with local movers in Northern Virginia, we are happy to provide you valuable information for your clients. All Star Movers is a local moving company in Fairfax, VA.


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Written by Michael Rhodes

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