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Why Do Northern Virginia Moving Company Prices Vary?

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If you’ve started your research into pricing for Northern Virginia moving companies, you might find yourself a little bit surprised. You’re probably asking yourself: Why is there such a wide variance in pricing from company to company? What does this mean in terms of quality of service? And how can I determine which company represents the best value? To help with this decision, keep the following pointers in mind.


Why Do Movers in Northern Virginia Charge Such Different Prices?


Northern VA Movers: Is There a Difference in Price?


Even if you’ve only done a bit of research into moving company pricing in the Northern Virginia region, you can probably already answer this question with a resounding yes! There is a large difference in what various companies charge for their moving services.


So, what exactly does that mean for your decision?


When Selecting a Northern Virginia Moving Company, Avoid the Lowest Price


Sure. When you’re looking around for a company to work with, it’s tempting to jump at the lowest bid. Nobody wants to overpay for a local move. However, there are lots of ways a bad moving experience can cost you.


Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. This is as true for moving companies as anything else. A significantly lower price can indicate a lack of professionalism and experience—both of which are critical to having a smooth, positive moving experience.


Also, there are many excellent ways to cut down on moving costs that are more productive and effective than skimping on your movers.


How Can These Northern Virginia Movers Charge So Much Less?


A very low moving bid tends to indicate a company that has little to no overhead. That means it’s generally a single person out of his or her home who has access to a truck and cheap labor. This kind of outfit could be lacking in professional moving equipment, flexibility with scheduling, and even insurance. Due to lack of resources and experience, the company could also take much longer to move than originally estimated. Those extra billable hours are then passed on to you.


Also be aware that some moving companies are shut down because of poor business practices and then merely crop back up under new names. Especially low prices, a lack of a physical address, or a very short time in business can each be a potential red flag.


Are Cheap Moving Companies in Northern Virginia Worth the Risk?


It really depends on you and your situation. If you have a collection of cheap or secondhand furniture, it might not matter to you if the movers ding a corner or chip a table leg. In that case, the risk might just be worth it for you because of those initial savings. (It might even make the most sense for you to avoid local movers altogether and simply move yourself.)


If, however, you have items with personal significance or greater value, the professionalism of your moving company becomes a lot more important to factor into the equation.


So…Should I Choose from the Most Expensive Moving Companies in Northern VA?


If overly low prices are such a red flag, should you just be safe and go with the highest bid? Not necessarily. Very high-end movers who have a tremendous amount of overhead can be dramatically more expensive than midsize local moving companies.


With these high bids, you don’t necessarily have to worry about a lack of professionalism, but you should consider if you’re getting the best value. That is, could a small local moving company provide the same quality of move for a cheaper price?


How Much Does It Cost to Move: Getting the Best Value


The best practice to get good value is to get three written, in-person moving estimates. This gives you a sense of what serves as the low and high mark in the Northern Virginia region. From there, assess the following qualities to ensure you’re working with a highly professional company:


  • Have lots of experience in the moving industry. (Remember, this can result in a quicker and, therefore, cheaper move without compromising on quality.)
  • Been in business a long time and have the records, physical location, and reviews to back that up.
  • Have a moving crew rather than one-off day laborers.
  • Have clean, well-maintained trucks and equipment to get your job done efficiently and safely.
  • Provide you with peace of mind—because you know your items will be moved safely and you’re receiving great value for that move.


For more information about why the cost to move can vary so dramatically even within one geographic region, please feel free to contact a representative of All Star Movers, experienced Fairfax movers since 1977.

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