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Moving Company Complaints, Disputes, and Claims

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Moving company complaints and how to file them are not exactly something you want to think about. You want to assume that your move day will go absolutely to plan, and nothing unexpected (or unpleasant) will happen. Unfortunately, no company—not a single one—can promise this, so it’s really important to pick your moving company with this consideration in mind. What company is going to be most honest, upstanding, and forthright about claims issues? And how can you tell?


Movers Complaints and Claims: It Matters How Your Movers Handle These Issues


Reputable Moving Companies Won’t Hide from Complaints


A professional moving company handles an array of jobs, and it’s an inherently risky business. Even the most diligent, careful, and meticulous movers are going to come up against damaged property or items every now and again.


As the consumer, you shouldn’t be looking for the company that guarantees no broken items. That’s simply not a realistic claim. What you should be looking for is the company that’s 100 percent transparent about their claims policy. You want good, open communicators who you feel confident will honor their dispute policy and resolve any issues that do arise.


You should always feel comfortable with your movers and confident in their honesty and trustworthiness—even when it comes to the worst-case scenarios you hope never happen.


Local Movers Should Put a Premium on Customer Service


A good moving company will be of the opinion that a customer should never walk away unhappy. Again, that doesn’t mean the company can guarantee nothing unexpected is going to happen during the move process, but they should do everything in their power to remedy a situation that comes up (in such a way that makes sense for all parties involved).


Local Moving Companies Should Take Responsibility


Owning up to mistakes is a pivotal part of this process. If a company is in fact at fault, it should be willing to admit that and do whatever is necessary to fix the issue.


As a customer, this can be a difficult thing to assess. How do you know if a company is going to be honest enough to admit when they are at fault?


The best approach is simply to have a frank and open discussion about it before agreeing to work with them. Ask them what their policies are regarding claims and disputes. If they can’t answer to your satisfaction, that’s a good reason to keep searching for the right company.


A Reputable Moving Company Should Deal with Moving Claims Immediately


The longer a claim sits, the more difficult it can be parse out what needs to happen, who was at fault, and what exactly happened to cause the damage. Your movers, therefore, should always strive to address any issue as soon as it comes up. This should involve working with you, the homeowner, to resolve a claim quickly—but, even more importantly, ensuring it’s resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.


Best Moving Tips: Ask about your Movers’ Insurance


All movers who’ve been in business for any amount of time will very likely have the appropriate insurance to legally handle claims. As the customer, you can make sure that insurance is adequate.


However, you’ll likely find in just about all cases that it’s less a matter of having the insurance as it is a matter of following through and doing what’s right by the customer on a case-by-case basis.


For more information about helpful moving tips, please feel free to contact a representative of All Star Movers, Fairfax movers since 1977.

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