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Make Sure You Check Local Moving Company Reviews Online

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Choosing the right local moving company can be difficult. After all, even within a small area, there are inevitably many companies to choose from. So, how can you consistently differentiate quality companies from everyone else? How can you ensure you get the best value out of your movers? Often, a big part of that battle is thoroughly and diligently checking online reviews for the local moving companies you’re considering.


Moving Company Reviews: Why They Matter and Red Flags to Watch For


What Are Online Reviews for Local Moving Companies?


Online reviews for local moving companies are reviews posted to any number of online platforms. They discuss the performance (positive or negative) of a particular moving crew.


These reviews are meant to be unsolicited and genuine. That is, they are meant to be the real opinions of customers who have used those particular movers. These former customers are not compensated for these views or given any incentives to rate a particularly company as high quality or poor quality.


Why to Check Online Reviews before Selecting a Local Moving Company


Reviews are one of the easiest ways to accurately determine the honesty, integrity, professionalism, and value of a particular moving company. Because the former customers are under no obligation to write anything about that company (positive or negative), online reviews are a great way to get an unbiased opinion—even if neither you nor anyone you know has interacted with that moving company before.


Positive moving company testimonials provide similar information and confidence in a company’s abilities, so those should be equally sought after as well.


While you shouldn’t blindly select a company based solely on reviews, it is a good way to narrow down the field to select which companies you want in-home moving estimates from. (Alternately, you can select each company you want an in-home moving estimate from based on these reviews.)


Which Online Reviews to Check for Local Movers


There isn’t a definitive list to check for online reviews, but consider going to the most notable names first. That includes:


  • Google reviews,
  • Yelp,
  • Angie’s List, etc.


These venues will show you the totality of each company’s reviews, so you can start to gauge how much of a reputable moving company you’re considering.


Things to Watch for with Online Reviews of Local Movers


Reviews can be extremely helpful, but there are some thing you want to be wary of (or, at least, consider) when combing through those reviews.


  • Be leery of any company that has only five-star reviews. It isn’t necessarily an indication of fake reviews being posted, but it is a bit suspicious and warrants further investigation. Look instead for professional movers who seem to have a healthy mix of four- and five-star reviews, as that’s a more common pattern for genuine reviews and indicates a high-quality business.
  • Make sure you’re judging from an adequate sample size. One or two reviews is not enough to get a good sense of that company’s quality—especially since unhappy customers tend to be more vocal than happy customers.
  • Check that everything about the reviews actually points to the company being experienced movers. For example, if the company states that it specializes in moving in Northern Virginiaor the Fairfax area, the location of those reviews should align. Misalignment could indicate you’re dealing with less than professional moving companies.


For more information about how to find reputable moving companies based on online reviews and testimonials, please feel free to contact a representative of All Star Movers, a professional moving company in the Northern Virginia region.

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