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Will a Full-Service Moving Company Assemble Furniture?

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Some of the more problematic items to move are always pieces of furniture or other preassembled items. It’s a constant question whether it’s a better idea to move something as one piece or to take it apart and move it in sections. The answer depends largely on what you’re looking to disassemble, but the first important thing to ascertain is whether your professional full-service moving company will disassemble furniture (and reassemble it) at all.


Assembling and Disassembling


Although it varies according to the specific moving crew, most full-service moving companies will generally follow the rule that if they have to disassemble something to move it, they will reassemble it in the new home.

Some common items movers might have to take apart to move include:

Some movers will also agree to assemble new furniture that was purchased for the new home. However, remember that you’re often paying for your movers by the hour. If the time it would take them to assemble new furniture is worth it to you, then most companies will agree to do this.


Furniture Not to Be Disassembled


There are some exceptions to the pieces of furniture a moving company will disassemble. Again, it depends on the individual moving company, but most will avoid disassembling anything that’s glued or nailed together. Movers generally don’t have the time or wood-specific expertise to put it back together as flush or tight as it was originally.


Other Exceptions


Movers tend to avoid hanging anything back on the walls. They will take pictures off the wall to pack, but they will not put them back up in the new home.

Many moving companies have also shied away from pool tables. If you have a pool table that needs to be moved, call your specific moving company and see if that’s going to pose a problem.

Appliances are another tricky area when it comes to assembling items in the new home. Moving companies are not supposed to disconnect washing machines in the old home, and they are also not supposed to reconnect them in the new home. You’ll either have to connect these appliances yourself or contact a qualified plumber.


Things to Keep in Mind

Sometimes things aren’t going to work or look exactly like they did in the old home after being reassembled. For instance, if you have a mounted wall unit, the carpet in your old home might have come all the way to the bottom shelf. However, in the new home, you might have bare floors and consequently a small gap now between the floor and shelf.

Also, if the floor isn’t perfectly level in the new home, you might need to add shims to a dresser with drawers that slide easily open.

There’s not much (or nothing) a moving company can do about these small differences, so keep the need for simple, creative fixes in mind as the new home is being slowly assembled.


Ask Questions


As with any aspect of your move, if you’re uncertain about something, ask. A reputable, experienced mover will be happy to take the time to answer any and all moving-related questions you have at any point in the moving process. It could be during the in-home moving estimate, or it could be on move day itself. If you need to know something that’s pertinent to your move—such as whether the company will disassemble or reassemble your furniture—the company should be open to answering.


For information about whether moving companies will or will not disassemble or reassemble your particular items, please contact a representative of All Star Movers.

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