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Why It’s Important to Use a Full-Service Mover

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Having a successful move is often just a matter of being as prepared as possible. There are a lot of potential problems and contingencies associated with moving that can complicate your relocation, so you want to do everything in your power to arm yourself against those bumps in the road. One way to enter into a move fully prepared is by hiring a mover that's full-service.

Benefits of Hiring a Full- Service Mover

Packing Capabilities


If you go into your next move assuming you’re going to do all the packing, that’s a perfectly viable way to approach a move. However, if you suddenly find you simply don’t have the time, materials, or expertise to confidently pack everything you own, having a full-service mover can be an excellent safety net.

Because these movers are equipped and ready to handle packing duties, you can simply call up your moving company and discuss your options for having the crew complete this task. If you’ve signed up with a mover who doesn’t offer packing services, then you’re essentially stuck. You either have to find time to do the packing yourself or hire an entirely separate company to perform this work.


Storage Options


One of the biggest differentiators between movers and movers providing full-services is the ability to store items (both long-term and short-term). Even if you don’t think you need storage options with your move, it’s still smart to sign up with a moving company that's full-service in case the unexpected happens. Maybe the closing date has been suddenly changed, but you already have your move booked and ready. If you find yourself in need of storage for just a few days, you’ll be exceedingly happy you chose to proactively work with a full-service company.


Proper Equipment and Materials


Because moving companies providing full-services are equipped to handle every aspect of a move (packing, transport, unpacking, storage, etc.), that company will have access to all the required equipment and materials. In terms of the move, this includes everything from dollies to piano boards. As far as packing, this means sturdy boxes in a variety of sizes, highly visible labels, proper packing tape, and more.


Full-Time Moving Staff


As a general rule, full-service moving companies tend to be more established, and that can mean increased credibility and reliability. This is seen most clearly with the moving crew. Always check with your moving company to confirm, but generally full-service providers have their own full-time moving crews. These are employees as opposed to contract workers or day laborers, who often have less accountability to the actual moving company.


Years Movers are in Business


Along the same lines, moving companies that handle all moving services also tend to have been in the business longer, and this offers a host of benefits to their customers. Extra experience means the company knows how to handle a variety of moves—from apartment jobs to single-family homes to very large residences. Added experience also often means a more efficient, safer move, and this saves you money in the move itself as well as by minimizing damage to the old home, new home, or possessions.

When confirming number of years in business with your moving company, just make sure you ask how many years that company has been a mover. They might have lots of experience in the moving industry, but if they’ve only been storing items for a few months, they might not yet know the intricacies of what that involves.


Education Factor


Full-service moving companies have experience with every part of the moving process, so education is something they are uniquely qualified to provide to their customers. This can be something as simple as providing a moving-day checklist, or it can be comprehensive, accurate answers about what special steps someone needs to take when moving out of an apartment. Whatever the question or circumstance, full-service movers can help you seamlessly navigate your move to both avoid problems and solve them when they do come up.

For more information about why you should choose a full-service mover for your next relocation, please contact a representative of All Star Movers, a full-service mover in Fairfax, Virginia.

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