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Time to Move: How Long Will a Standard Job Take?

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The time to move on any given job can vary wildly, but the following are some helpful moving tips that offer you two important pieces of information. One, they allow you to get a ballpark sense of what an average job will take in terms of time. Two, you can get a better sense of the factors that influence move time (either increasing or decreasing it).


Move Time: How Long Should I Expect My Move to Take?


How Long to Move? A Ballpark Estimate


How long it takes to move a house is an incredibly varied thing. From house to house, the time can swing from one extreme to the other.


However, given that there will always be outliers, a local move will typically take one to three days. (Remember, local moving is on an entirely different time frame than long-distance moving.)


Moving Packing Tips: Ways to Make Your Move Goes Faster


One of the most time-consuming aspects of any move is the actual packing. Therefore, if you can self-pack, you can potentially save yourself a lot of time off your move. This benefits you in two big ways. Your move itself goes faster, and it also typically means it’s going to be cheaper because you simply have less hours your moving company is billing you for.


Moving Time Estimates—Just Moving and No Packing


Typically, apartment to apartment moving will take between four and six hours. A three-bedroom house to a comparable building will be a solid six to eight hours. A three-thousand-square-foot home bumps up that estimate to about eight to twelve hours.


This is all based on the assumption that a bigger house will have more stuff. While this isn’t always the case, there is generally a correlation between house size and amount of material that actually needs to be relocated come move day.


Show Everything to Your Estimator during the In-Home Moving Estimate


If you’re working with an experienced estimator, he or she should be able to look at all your belongings, assess anything that will take extra time, and offer a reasonably accurate time estimate.


It is up to you, as the homeowner, to make sure you show the estimator everything that’s going to go on move day. If you fail to reveal items, there’s simply no way for that estimator to accurately tell you how long a move is going to take—and, by extension, how much it will cost.


Estimators will often offer costs based on projected hours and people for your job. If a quick move is more important to you than the price, let your estimator know! This might mean more people on the job but ultimately fewer hours.


Moving Day Tips: Collaborate with Your Moving Crew


Sometimes a moving job will take an awkward amount of time—just too long for a single day but not really worth coming back for a second day.


In that case, it truly should be a collaboration between movers and homeowners. The moving process is tiring, and that applies equally to movers and customers. Therefore, everyone should decide together if you want to push through and finish out the job in one day or if it’s best to go through the extra time, hassle, and expense of spilling over into a second day.


As with many companies, you always want open, honest communication. If you’re getting maxed out one day, you should feel comfortable enough with your movers to express that and collaborate on a solution.


Beware of Estimates That Seem Too Good to Be True


If you’re receiving a very low estimate (in terms of hours and cost), one of two things might be happening. The simplest explanation is that you’re getting an inaccurate estimate, in which case you’ll get an unpleasant financial surprise when you must pay the final bill. You also might be working with a crew that rushes through each job. In that case, you’re more likely to experience damage (to your property or to your home). If that happens, you could be paying a lot more than expected to repair or undo what the inexperienced movers did.


For more information about how long to expect a move to take or for the best moving tips in general, please feel free to contact a representative of All Star Movers, experienced and reputable Fairfax movers.

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