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The Essential Office Moving Checklist for the Business Owner

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Moving an office is a hectic time for your business. Successful office moves require a lot of coordination, cooperation from your employees, and organization. Without any one of those things, your move could be significantly delayed, which quickly starts to cut into the productivity of your workers. To avoid unnecessary delays and stress, utilize tools such as an office moving checklist. These kinds of important moving tips can really keep you organized and on track.


Office Move Checklist


This itemized office moving checklist should include not only what you need to do but when to do it as well. This allows you to take care of as many details as possible before the day actually arrives to move your office.


Why Is This Commerical Move Checklist So Important?


Even more than in residential moves, being organized is essential in a commercial relocation. If there are unnecessary delays at any point in the moving process, this can significantly disrupt whether work can get done at the new business location. Obviously, this cuts into potential profits, and it can also reflect badly on the business if this delay negatively impacts clients. A checklist can aid in that organization and making sure everything that needs to be done is done (and done on time).


What’s Included in an Office Moving Day Checklist?


An office moving checklist will lay out a number of things you, your employees, and your business need to do to successfully move. Because every business is so varied and different, some bullet points will apply, and some will not. The information should be taken generally and then applied specifically to your industry or business.

Some major points to consider are:

  • Assign roles in the office move. Before the movers even get there, every employee should know what he or she is responsible for packing, moving, and doing before, during, and after the move.
  • Back up your computer system before the move. This protects you against any information or data loss due to damaged hardware.
  • Inspect the new building space to ensure the technology and telecommunication systems are compatible. For example, the wiring should be compatible, and there should be an adequate number of jacks in the new space. Anything found lacking or deficient in that regard should be dealt with before move day to ensure all computers, phones, and other technological systems can be easily set up as soon as possible after the move. To aid this process, IT employees should be some of the first ones in the office in order to set up all equipment.
  • Update all information with the new address. Individual employees should order new business cards, and the company website should be updated as well. Accounts such as business credit cards, bank accounts, and any automatic payments should all be updated. All mail should be forwarded to the new address.
  • Hire a maid service to do a final clean of the old office space. (This is only necessary if the building doesn’t already have a cleaning service to handle this.)
  • Communicate with all vendors at the new and old locations to ensure all utilities are properly shut down as well as up and running at the new office.
  • Visit the new office before the move and develop a floorplan from there. By deciding where everything should be put ahead of time, you can tell the movers exactly where to go on move day. Having an office move plan makes for a more efficient and consequently cheaper move.
  • Let all clients know about the move well in advance. Organize an e-mail campaign to inform everyone, and remind individual employees to contact their personal clients.
  • Thoroughly and correctly label moving boxes. This includes all office furniture (and all parts of that furniture). This way everything gets reassembled correctly and returned to its proper owner.


For more office moving tips or information about a business moving day checklists, why they’re important, and what they should include, please contact a representative of All Star Movers - Fairfax Movers, specializing in office moves in the Northern Virginia region.

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