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Staging Your Home: Great Low-Cost Tips

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Selling your home is both stressful and exciting, and one of the biggest factors contributing to those two emotions is selling your home. As any Realtor will tell you, though, staging your home is a great way to generate interest and increase your chance of selling. While this can be an incredibly expensive endeavor, the following are some simple and cost-effective ways to stage your home, make it look its best, and hopefully help it sell.


Staging Your Home on the Cheap


Make the Outside of Your Home Inviting and Beautiful


The outside of your home is the first thing a potential buyer sees, so make sure this impression is as good as possible.


To that end, do some or all of the following beautification strategies:


  • Trim healthy hedges and bushes, and remove dead or dying plants. Replace with new bushes.
  • Freshly mulch your yard.
  • Place colorful potted plants on the porch or other visible areas. (Mums, for example, are nice in the fall.)
  • Clean up any stray toys, personal items, and clutter.
  • Wash moss or other unsightly grime off the home’s exterior.
  • Wash white trim on the windows. (This gets dirty over time but usually comes up gleaming after a good scrub.)
  • Clean and paint shutters. (If your shutters are plastic, wash off accumulated dirt and grime.)


All these tasks go a long way to making the home look fresh, inviting, and clean without costing you much more than your time and elbow grease.


Add Adequate Lighting throughout the Home


If your home doesn’t get an abundance of natural light, it’s always a good idea to add some extra lighting throughout. This will make rooms look brighter, lighter, and more welcoming.


This can be as simple as track lighting in the laundry room, mudroom, and so on. You don’t need to splurge on the most expensive light fixtures. Even an economical solution can look great and clean up those areas nicely.


Update Old Fixtures


It’s easy to forget about fixtures in your home because you become somewhat blind to them. After all, how often do you really look at your sink, faucet, and towel bar?  


However, just like anything else in the house, these fixtures can become worn, dirty, and outdated. Updating your bathroom fixtures can be a relatively cheap fix with a big aesthetic payoff.


To keep the price tag low, avoid changing out large or complicated fixtures that require plumbing work.


While you’re updating the bathroom, consider a fresh caulk job around the tub. Caulk quickly becomes dirty with soap scum and mildew, and a bright white or clear caulk job is a quick, cheap way to make your tub sparkle again.


Ensure a Flowing, Open Floor Plan


To make the house as visually appealing as possible, avoid all forms of clutter. This works on two levels. One, you should pick up all stray personal items and organize closets and shelves to look neat and clean, and two, you should put extra furniture and large items in temporary storage.


Although it will probably be too sparsely furnished to live comfortably, it will look clean, streamlined, and attractive for staging purposes.


Be especially certain to box up all personal pictures and personal items before people start viewing your home. You want them to imagine your house as their new home, and pictures of you and your family are going to put up a psychological barrier that impedes that.


Any artwork that’s left should be sparse and simple, and any painting should be done in neutral colors that aren’t likely to put anybody off.


Hide Evidence of Your Pets


Even animal lovers don’t want evidence of your pets in what could be their new home. Clean up all pet toys, food dishes, and other visual reminders of your pets. Especially when it comes to cat, many people are allergic, and seeing cat toys could make them start to needlessly worry about cat dander and cat smell.


Bigger Staging and Updating Projects


Some upkeep and staging projects add huge resale value to your home, but they aren’t necessarily quick or easy jobs. If you have the time and budget, consider some of the following projects:


  • Refinishing wood floors.
  • Resealing your driveway.
  • Putting in new carpet.
  • Hiring out extensive landscaping work.
  • Repainting the exterior of the home or unfinished basement. (Note, you must always disclose any mold, mildew, or water-related issue in the basement—or anywhere else in the home.)


These more cost-intensive projects modernize your home and make it that much more attractive to prospective buyers.


How Residential Moving Companies Can Help in the Staging Process


Hiring a mover when staging your home is one of the easiest ways to safely and easily store all your extra furniture when paring down to minimal belongings. Any residential moving company that offers both moving and storage services can easily take your belongings into their temporary storage.


This also offers an added bonus. If you use that company to complete your residential move, you can sometimes get a discount since that company already has your possessions in their pallet storage.


Another option would be hiring a storage pod, but you’ll have to look into the relative pros and cons between pods and hiring a mover when you stage your house.


For more information about staging your home and how local moving companies can make this process easier, please feel free to contact a representative of All Star Movers, a full-service moving company based out of Fairfax, Virginia.

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