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Properly Packing Your Kitchen Silverware

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Dishes always seem to be a source of confusion, frustration, and problems during a move, but it’s not just your delicate stemware and fine china plates that create packing headaches. It’s also commonplace items such as silverware. As with many items, however, there are techniques for properly packing your kitchen silverware to avoid any scratches, breakage, or damage to the items—or yourself. 


Properly Packing Your Silverware For a Move


Professional moving companies will tend to use unprinted newspaper to wrap silverware, but if you’re self-packing and don’t have access to that, regular newsprint will work just as well. (You will, however, want to wash the silverware afterward to remove any residual ink.)

Cushioning is not often a concern with packing silverware, so movers won’t tend to use bubble wrap or other cushioned packing supplies unless the client specifically requests it. (It tends to mean expensive packing material for little added benefit.)

Movers will merely take a small handful of silverware, place it at an angle on that unprinted newspaper, and fold it tightly—much like a burrito.

If the pieces of silverware are extremely valuable or the client requests extra care be taken with fine silver, the movers will take precautions against dings, dents, and scratches by rolling one piece in paper for a few turns, adding another piece, rolling several more turns, and repeating. This creates an individual “pocket” for each piece and prevents the flatware from rubbing or scratching against each other in the paper. This is the easiest, most effective way to approach packing flatware.

Also keep in mind that flatware doesn’t require its own separate box. It can be added to existing boxes to eliminate some of that empty space that promotes rattling and potentially crushed cardboard moving boxes.


Take Care When Packing Knives for a Move


How to pack knives properly is one of the most important steps when self-packing your silverware. The very last thing you need on move day is to put your hand into a moving box only to cut yourself on an improperly or inadequately packed knife.

To avoid that, make sure to double wrap all knives. Knives can either be wrapped separately or wrapped in small bundles, so long as the sharp edges are all properly and thoroughly covered. Those wrapped bundles could also be specifically labeled as knives within the box. That way, you (or anyone who happens to be unpacking) knows exactly what he or she is grabbing and can be extra careful.


Dividers, Sheaths, Carrying Cases, and Wood Blocks


If the knives are more expensive or particularly sharp, they sometimes come with some form of extra protection for the blades. They might come with individual sheaths, in a carrying case, or in a wood block. If any of those are in your possession, the knives could be transported in that extra protection.

If you don’t have that, silverware can always be transported directly in a silverware divider tray. If desired, the top can be covered and secured to avoid all the cutlery spilling out during transport.


Include Silverware in an “Open-First” Box


During every move, you want to set aside one box that’s simply labeled “open first.” Along with your survival kit, this will include essentials that you will need to get to before you have an opportunity to unpack everything and put it in its proper place within the home.

An open-first box could include:

  • A few glasses
  • Coffee machine
  • Plates
  • A handful of silverware

The idea is to include just the essentials that will get you through the few quick meals you’ll have before the kitchen is fully assembled and up and running. This, of course, includes packing cutlery.


For more important packing tips or specific information about how to pack silverware properly, please contact a representative of All Star Movers, Fairfax Movers in Northern Virginia.

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