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Moving Travel Time - What and How Do Movers Charge for Travel Time

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When you start to look into different moving companies, there might be some terms related to the move that you find unfamiliar or unclear. One term that is often misunderstood in the realm of professional movers is “travel time.”

What Is Moving Travel Time?

Travel time seems like a straightforward term, but people often confuse this with the time it takes the movers to travel the distance between the old house and the new house.

What travel time actually means to a professional mover is the time allotted for those movers to get from their warehouse to your old home and back to the warehouse from your new home. (Put another way, it’s the time traveling before the packing and/or moving has started and after the packing/or moving has ended.)

What Determines the Cost of Moving Travel Time?

How the cost of moving travel time is determined varies with the moving company, but every moving company typically falls under one of the following categories.

  • Moving Companies Charge Flat Rate

These moving companies will charge one upfront fee for travel time. This fee will be in addition to the hourly rate, which will commence when the movers arrive at your old home and start the actual moving process. The amount of time allotted for travel time varies, but it typically starts at a minimum of one hour—half an hour to get to the old house and half an hour to return from the new house. The flat rate is often dependent (like a moving company’s hourly rate) on the number of people on the moving crew.

  • Movers Charge Flat Rate Plus Fuel

Some moving companies will charge a base flat rate but also assess a fuel surcharge. That fuel charge can either be another flat rate, or they can charge for the actual amount of gas used. This is by and large the most common practice among professional movers related to travel time.

  • Movers Charge Hourly

The last common practice related to travel time is a flat hourly rate. This means the moving company starts the clock as soon as it leaves its warehouse. Be aware that if your moving company uses this travel time method, you’re paying for any time the mover is caught in traffic or any other unexpected delays attempting to get to your home.

Check with your mover to see how the company assesses its travel time. Determine if it was included in your initial quote or if it is a supplemental fee you’ll be liable to pay at the end.

Standard Industry Practice - Travel Time for Movers

While every moving company handles travel time in a slightly different manner, keep in mind that charging for moving travel time is standard practice within the moving industry. Adhering to that practice should not raise a red flag against the company. Just make sure your company of choice is upfront about this cost in your moving estimate so there aren’t any unwanted financial surprises at the end of the move. If travel time is not included in a breakdown of the total cost, ask your mover about it to ensure you’re not liable at a later time.

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