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Moving Fitness Equipment: What to Expect from Northern Virginia Movers

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If you have a home gym, treadmill, or exercise bike, it’s very likely you’ve found yourself wondering about the logistics of moving fitness equipment. These items, while bulky and cumbersome, don’t have to pose a headache come move day. With a little bit of knowledge and planning, you and your Northern Virginia movers can safely and easily relocate all your fitness equipment.


Helpful Moving Tips for Dealing with All Your Fitness Equipment


Disclose All Moving Equipment during Your In-Home Moving Estimates


One of the easiest ways to ensure you don’t come up against any surprises on move day is to show everything to your estimator during the in-home moving estimate.


If the estimator doesn’t see the equipment with his or her own eyes, there’s no way to offer either an accurate estimate or the best advice for how to go about moving your particular items.


Remember, if you’re working with an experienced estimator, he or she can tell you what makes the most sense for your particular machine.  


Will Your Northern Virginia Moving Company Disassemble (and Reassemble) Fitness Equipment?


One of the most common questions, especially when it comes to large equipment or complex home gym systems, is whether the local movers will disassemble and reassemble fitness equipment.


Just remember this easy-to-remember rule: if your movers takes it apart, they should put it back together.


That being said, movers are not fitness experts. They do their best to disassemble items in the best way possible and put everything back as it was, but some of these pieces of exercise equipment are incredibly complex and intricate. If you have concerns about this equipment being put together by somebody who is not an expert in that given area, you might not want your movers undertaking this task.


Do You Want Local Movers Disassembling Your Fitness Equipment?


People always want to know: will movers take fitness equipment apart? Perhaps the more pertinent question, though, is should movers take this equipment apart?


Movers aren’t fitness experts, so there’s always the possibility of reassembly mishaps. But beyond that, there are financial concerns. Putting this equipment together takes a great deal of dedicated time and concentration. When you’re paying your local movers by the hour per mover, is it really the best use of your finances to have those movers painstakingly take these items apart (and then put them back together)?


Movers are often willing to do it, but you could save yourself a lot of time and hassle if you found alternate methods of transporting these particular items.


Moving a Home Gym: An Increasingly Common Occurrence


While moving an elliptical machine or any other piece of fitness equipment is still not a daily job for most professional movers, it is becoming more and more common. Whether you’re trying to move a treadmill, exercise bike, or elliptical, most movers have become pretty familiar with how these machine come apart and go back together.


They will always add a bit of extra time, however, to the move, so make sure to plan for that.


Best Moving Tips for Moving a Treadmill or Other Common Fitness Equipment


If you have decided to self-move your workout machines, keep some of the following packing tips in mind:


  • Put any screw, nut, bolt, or small piece of hardware in a bag. This ensures you don’t lose any pieces when it comes time to reassemble.
  • To save yourself time (and money), disassemble yourself. Then let the movers pack and move the pieces, and you can reassemble on your own time after the move is over.
  • Look online for the manual of your particular workout machine. This will provide detailed, step-by-step instructions for how to put everything back together.


Reach Out to the Company Where You Bought the Equipment


If you’re not going to use your movers to haul the exercise equipment, your best course of action is to contact the company where you actually bought the item.


If you are going to use their services, just make sure to schedule very far in advance. They often won’t have the resources to get your items at the drop of a hat. You’ll have to work around their schedule.


These machines also sometimes come with tools that are made especially for constructing those machines. Because movers have no way of getting access to those specialty items if you’ve lost yours, it’s all the more reason to contact either whoever makes or distributes the machine.


For more information about how best to transport all your fitness equipment or any other moving day tips, please feel free to contact a representative of All Star Movers, experienced reputable, and professional Fairfax movers.

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