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Moving A Piano: Make Sure Your Mover Has Experience

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If you’re a piano owner who’s looking to move, chances are you have some concerns and questions about how your movers are going to safely transport that piano. To eliminate some of the risk and anxiety related to piano moving, know what to ask and expect out of your movers before, during, and after a piano move.

  • Have You Ever Moved a Piano Before?

Experience is the most important factor in successful piano moving, and asking your movers if they have ever done this before should be your first question to them. If it’s an established, reputable moving company, it’s incredibly likely they are equipped to handle piano moves, and it’s equally likely they have handled many pianos in the past.

The more experience your movers have, the more kinds of pianos and piano-related moving obstacles they’ve encountered—and the more likely they are to handle your situation successfully.


  • Do You Tune Pianos After Moving Them?

Remember that your movers are not piano experts. Therefore, they are not likely trained in actually tuning pianos. So don’t be scared off or alarmed if your movers inform you they can’t tune the piano after moving. That will be fairly standard across the moving industry. Expect to have somebody specifically trained in that area check your piano after moving if necessary.


  • What’s Your Game Plan?

A reputable mover will come to your home for an on-site estimate. At that time the movers can assess your particular situation in person. They can see what kind of piano you have as well as any obstacles to moving such as stairs, narrow hallways, elevators, or more. The logistics of every piano move vary, so avoid movers who refuse to do an on-site estimate.

After your mover has had time to complete this estimate, don’t be afraid to ask your mover how they plan to move the piano. If they seem unsure or hesitant to answer, it’s safe to assume they are not the most experienced movers. However, if they can offer honest, thoughtful details about how they plan to move the piano and are upfront about any potential obstacles, you can be more assured your movers know how to go about successfully moving a piano.


  • What Kind of Equipment Will You Use?

If picking up and carrying the piano is not an option, most movers will use a piano board to transport it. This is a sturdy, padded board where the piano rests. It has straps and carrying handles and is made specifically to move pianos.

Ask your movers what equipment they will use to move your piano. If they don’t have any specific equipment, don’t know about piano boards, or don’t know how to properly operate them, that’s a big red flag.

Also make sure part of their plan involves bringing enough people to successfully and safely navigate the piano itself or the piano board.


  • Can You Provide References?

Nothing can provide peace of mind like getting direct confirmation your movers are experienced, reputable, and professional. Don’t be afraid to ask for references from former clients with pianos. If they can’t (or aren’t willing to) provide these references, consider looking to another company for your moving needs.

Just remember to ask a lot of questions. It should be evident after even a brief conversation if your moving company is experienced, capable, and knowledgeable enough to handle your piano.

For more information about how to safely move your piano or for more moving information in general, please contact a representative of All Star Movers a norhtern virginia piano mover.

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