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Move Date Changed? How to Schedule a Move Again

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There’s nothing worse than running into a problem with your move date and realizing at the last minute you’ll have to schedule a move all over again. These kinds of unexpected events are exactly why moving is so unpredictable and stressful. That being said, even if your relocation date is changed on you, the following are some moving tips to get you back on track as quickly and as easily as possible.


How to Schedule a Move When Your Move Date Is Unexpectedly Changed


Need to Reschedule Your Residential Move? Take a Breath.


If you find out at the eleventh hour that your move date has changed due to any number of circumstances, the first thing to keep in mind is the importance of staying calm.


If you panic, you won’t be able to act decisively and get your local move back up and running.


Contact Your Local Moving Company Immediately


If you’ve already booked your move with a residential moving company only to find your date changed, it’s imperative to call that company as soon as possible. Once you know for sure the original move plans have been changed, the first call you should make is to that moving company.


Remember, you always want to book your move early, but if that option is taken away from you, you should go with booking as early as you can.


Whenever Possible, Be Flexible with Residential Moving Companies


If you’re trying to plan your move date at the last second, understand that the company you originally chose might not be able to completely fulfill your new request. Reputable moving companies in particular do tend to book up quickly, so they simply might not be able to accommodate you on your new date.


It’s understandable that not all people are going to have flexibility in their moving schedules, but if you do, the more flexible you are, the better chance you have of being able to rebook with that same company.


Again, this is why it’s so important to contact your orginal company right away. Every day you wait is another opportunity for somebody to grab the date and time you need to move with the company you want.


Get (and Keep) Your Moving Estimates


Lots of people know the moving tip that states you should get three moving estimates. However, less people know to keep that paperwork handy—even after you’ve booked a move.


This is because moving is a fluid process, and things can change unexpectedly. If you suddenly find you can no longer use your local movers of choice, you’ll want to go to moving estimate number two.


Hopefully, you can make it work with your first choice of moving company, but there is always the possibility you’ll have to revert to the next one on your list, and you’ll want all that paperwork ready and available if you do have to rebook.


Moving Deposit Concerns: Will You Get This Back?


Whether you have to pay a moving deposit or not depends on the company you choose. That is, some local moving companies choose to ask for this up-front money, and some do not.


If you do have to pay a deposit, you typically have about seventy-two hours to alert the company of your change in plans or risk forfeiting that deposit. (The exact number depends on the stipulations listed within the moving contract.)


If the situation is out of your control, though, a good moving company will typically walk you through this process and do whatever they can to make the situation fair for everyone involved.


Local Moving Has Changed—and It Could Impact Your Move


Before the Internet and digitized files, scheduling a move, settling on a home, and anything else related to paperwork simply took longer than it does today. Moving companies used to suggest six to eight weeks out to book. However, because everything moves so much faster now, it’s much more common to need less time. Home settlements can also now take as little as one week.


What does this mean for your move? If dates shift and change, you have a better chance of still finding experienced movers because they are used to scrambling and working around shorter time frames than ever before.


You still shouldn’t drag your feet, but, more so than ever, it’s not the end of the world if you suddenly find you need to rearrange your entire move at the last minute.


For more information about rescheduling a move or the best moving tips to make your move day go as planned, please feel free to contact a representative of All Star Movers, Fairfax movers since 1977.

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