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Make Sure You Select a Reputable Mover to Store Your Belongings

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Whether you’re looking for long-term or short-term storage solutions during your next move, it’s important to ensure you find a reputable company for your moving and storage needs. Remember, though, that being reputable movers doesn’t automatically mean the company can offer reputable storage services.

Make sure your stored belongings are safe and secure by knowing what questions to ask specifically about a company’s storage options.



Important Tips To Find a Reputable Mover to Store Your Belongings


Storage Facility Security


The security features of a storage location matter. Make sure the area contains:

  • Security cameras
  • General alarms
  • Fire alarms
  • Sprinkler systems

This protects your possessions against theft as well as unforeseen problems such as fires.


Moving and Storage Prices


Price is always a consideration, but make sure you’re not simply choosing the best quote but the best value. As with moving companies, it’s good practice to get at least three estimates before choosing a storage option. Those estimates will help establish price parameters, and you can decide from the companies that fall within that range.

Also as with movers, don’t forget to rely on recommendations. Check online, ask friends, or consult with your real estate agents for moving company recommendations. The more happy customers you can find, the more likely you’ll be happy with the service too.




Climate-controlled storage facilities provide steady temperature and humidity throughout the year. However, whether you need this depends on what you’re storing. If you have items sensitive to temperature change, a climate-controlled environment might be necessary. If not, it might simply be an extra expense.

Ask the facility what kind of temperature fluctuations they experience in their facility. Then determine if the range feels acceptable to you.

Avoid companies that can’t intelligently answer these kinds of questions or seem reluctant to provide the information.




If a storage facility looks run-down, it’s a good bet it is. Take a quick visual inventory of the area. If it looks clean and well maintained, there’s a high likelihood your property is going to be kept in the same manner.

If a company balks at letting you view the storage area before you agree to store your stuff there, that’s a big red flag.

General cleanliness will also help cut down on the presence of unwanted pests. However, no storage facility can guarantee pests won’t be present, so ask if they have a pest control contract to guard against this.




A well-organized moving and storage facility doesn’t guarantee a reputable business, but it speaks to a level of detail and care displayed by that business. Look for clean, organized pallets clearly marked with customer names. If necessary, also ensure they have an oversized section for items such as sofas, bookshelves, etc.

An organized storage facility means it’s far less likely any of your items will be misplaced or lost.


Availability and Access


Once you’ve narrowed your choices down to reputable options, think about how you will need to use the storage area. Will you need frequent access to your items, or will you simply leave the belongings in storage until you’re ready to pick them up permanently?

This could help inform which storage company you choose. For constant access, self-storage might be a more convenient option. Keep in mind some companies can charge warehouse handling fees if they have to repeatedly take your stored items out of crates or pallets.

For more information about finding a reputable storage service or full-service movers, please contact a representative of All Star Movers a full service moving and storage facility in Northern Virginia.

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