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Make Sure You Ask Your Mover If They Use Moving Subcontractors

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Researching and finding a reputable moving company is a large hurdle when relocating. What can make that process even more difficult, though, is that some companies actually use moving subcontractors to complete the work. Being aware this is even a possibility is important to anyone looking to move, and knowing what to ask your movers in regards to moving subcontractors can save you from some unpleasant surprises down the road.


What’s a Moving Subcontractor?


A subcontractor is an individual that the moving company hires to perform some aspect of the move. It might be the driver, the mover, or both. These individuals are not employees of the moving company. They often pay their own expenses, health insurance, benefits, etc. Because they are not employees of the moving company, there is always the possibility they don’t follow the company’s guidelines, policies, or rules or hold themselves to the same standards as employees might.

Are Subcontractors Subpar?


The issue with using subcontractors is twofold. One, it’s a big problem if you aren’t aware the moving company uses this practice. If you talked to and interacted with people from the moving company, you grew to trust that company and its employees. If they then turn around and give the job to a third party without your knowledge or consent, it speaks to somewhat dishonest business practices. You might find the parent company reputable, but there’s nothing to say the subcontractors they use will be the same.

Two, perhaps the biggest issue with subcontractors is that uncertainty factor. Maybe the subcontractors are extremely professional, experienced, and knowledgeable. Maybe they aren’t. You have no way of knowing because you don’t interact with them until your actual move day. For instance, you may be moving to Fairfax, Virginia from Washington, DC, thinking you hired a Fairfax, Virginia moving company for you move, but at the last moment your move was given to a subcontractor that you have no knowledge of. When it comes to your move, you always want to know whom you’re working with, and the uncertainty with moving subcontractors make that difficult.


Agents versus Subcontractors


Many national companies (Mayflower, United Moving, National Van Lines, and more) use agents across the country for long-distance moves. These moving agents aren’t the same as subcontractors, and if you’re looking into an interstate move, being paired with an agent of the national company is not necessarily a red flag.


Moving Subcontractors During Peak Season


The use of subcontractors is something to be especially wary of during the peak season. When companies fill up their schedules, they sometimes look to pass overflow jobs onto subcontractors. It’s a good idea to talk to your mover about subcontractors at any time of the year, but it’s especially important during the busy moving season.


What Do I Need to Ask My Mover?


First and foremost, ask your mover upfront if subcontractors will be used. If the answer is yes, you will have to decide if you want to move forward with the deal.


If you do, make sure to also ask about:

  • Who will be responsible for settling a claim if necessary.
  • If the subcontractors are fully insured.
  • If the subcontractors have workers’ compensation to protect you against lawsuits.


Why Are Subcontractors the Move You a Big Deal?


Many people have the idea that moving doesn’t require a particular expertise. They think it’s just about hiring muscle to move some boxes and furniture around. However, there is large knowledge base that’s necessary to complete moves in the most efficient and safe way. Qualified movers have the proper equipment and know-how to do the job quickly, and this can actually end up saving you money on the move itself. There’s no such guarantee with subcontractors, and that’s not mention the cost associated with anything broken or damaged from inexperienced third-party movers.

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