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What's Best - Hire a Mover for Temporary Storage or Use a Storage Pod?

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If you’re looking to temporarily move, it’s likely you’ve also started investigating temporary storage options. Because these items are only going to be in storage for a few months, many people just jump at the cheapest option. There are, however, many factors to consider outside of cost alone. The two most common options people consider when looking for temporary storage are traditional storage units and storage pods.

Consider Hiring a Mover for Temporary Storage


What Are Storage Pods?


Storage pods are self-storage containers. One is brought to your house, and you either load it yourself or hire a crew to do this. The pod then stays on your property until you’re ready to cease storage.

Storage pods are typically cheaper than traditional storage units.


Insurance Issues


One of the nice things about using a full-service moving company that offers temporary storage options is the safety net of insurance. The movers are insured, and you are insured, so if anything does go wrong with your items, you have a clear and reliable path to setting it right. There are fewer, less comprehensive insurance options with pods and subsequently less certainty.


Security Issues


Because pods are simply left in driveways or yards, they are relatively exposed. They are also not completely secure, and people have learned this. It’s not unheard of for criminals to look for storage pods because of that easy access to their contents.

In a traditional storage unit facility, there are many security elements from gated entry onto the premises to padlocks on the units to security cameras throughout the facility.


Weather Issues


Pods are often wholly exposed to the elements, and those various weather changes can affect or damage furniture, paperback or hardback books, and more.


Time Issues


Storage pods allow you to move at your own pace, which can be good, but in some cases it can also be negative. Hiring and working with movers forces you to be organized, and an organized move is always going to go smoother than a drawn-out, disconnected move. Being organized means the move is over and done with in a specific timeframe, and that can save you from having multiple weekends or events disrupted by your move.


Selling Issues


When you’re looking to sell your home, you want it to be immaculate. After all, the better the home looks, the more likely it is to sell. With that in mind, a storage pod can really hinder a home’s curbside appeal. It can also plant unwanted questions in potential buyers’ minds. They might immediately assume the home is too small to accommodate the owner’s belongings, which is never a desirable trait in a house.


Permission Issues


Some people need to think through whether they’re even allowed to have storage pods because some homeowners associations won’t even allow them. Others who live in town homes or condos might also need to run them by building managers to see if the pods are allowed on the premises.

For more information about the relative pros and cons of temporary storage and storage pods, please contact a representative of All Star Movers a full service Fiarfax, VA moving and storage company.


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